Photographer. I'm grateful for being able to do what I love every day.


It started when I wanted to be an artist who was not good at drawing. Until one day I was gifted a camera that changed my life. After I graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts as a photography major, I established myself as a portrait and lifestyle photographer with a special love for natural light and capturing candidness. That's when I found wedding photography about 10 years ago. Since then, I have been documenting art that captures the beauty of couples celebrating their love with friends and family. I wanted to live off my passion, so I looked for ways. Once I found it in photography, my life changed. I'm grateful to live out my passion & enjoy each day with my wife. The addition of our two beautiful daughters completed my circle, they are my engine and energy, and my ambition is to help them find their own path.


I want to create photographs that are not only timeless but works of art. My passion for being a wedding photographer exists in capturing and documenting all loves, reactions, and places. I'm the director but nobody knows I'm there. While I am physically and emotionally there, I strive to capture your smiles, cries and hugs so that you can look back on your photos and remember all of the little moments that make life so special. These are the ingredients. I'm incredibly honoured to have been selected by my previous and future clients who share and let me capture their happiness as I do not take it lightly.

Let's bring joy & inspiration to your special day.

Things I value:

  • Family
  • Growth & learning
  • Creating photos that represent you
  • Catching the light
  • Transparency
  • All love

If you want to know...

l love cooking / lounge music / family first / Relationships come first always / Homebody / Detail-oriented / Plan first before action / Anything with Nutella / Organized / Chocolate ice cream / I enjoy meaningful conversations / If you like noodles, we will be good friends.

In search of people who are deeply in love, ready to laugh and love life the way is.

Let's make memories together.