Tips for your photo session

You are having your photo taken! For some people, that thought is absolutely terrifying. And I get it! I don't love being in front of the camera either. But whether you love having your photo taken or not, I want to make sure that we can make the best of your photo session, and that the images reflect you as you are. Here are a few tips that I would like to address for you to feel confident and comfortable during the session.

1. Be Your Authentic Self

Being in the moment is mandatory. I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. Remember how you interact when you're alone. Don't hide it. Embrace both the goofy laughter and the quiet moments. Of course, I will guide you through all this but think of me as invisible. I need you to meet me halfway and allow me to see you, as you are. Be yourself! This seems obvious, but sometimes it's tough to really commit to it. I want your dynamic to set the tone and mood of the shoot, not what you think a session should look like. I want to experience all those little moments you might otherwise consider the "outtakes". Don't act like you think you should, I want to capture you as you are. The best captures happen when you are being yourself.

2. Choose your outfit


Think in terms of tones: earth tones, blue tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Each person can express their own sense of style within the chosen colour palette. Subdued colours, solids, and muted colours work well in natural areas such as mountains and parks. However, pops of colour work well to bring interest into an outfit that may otherwise look drab. You can wear eye-catching lipstick or colourful shoe to brighten up your overall look. If you still prefer to opt for a colourful outfit, deeper and softer hues are definitely the route to take. These types of colours will pop against your background without overwhelming the viewer's eyes.

Fit your colour to your location - you want to stand out from the background so please strive for colours and textures that are going to complement your location.


Have you ever noticed you feel more confident in a certain type of outfit that highlights one of your best features? Maybe a fit-&-flare dress makes you highlight your figure perfectly. Knowing that you're highlighting your best asset during your session will give you confidence throughout the shoot, and it will definitely show in your final images. There's nothing worse than having to spend an extended amount of time in an uncomfortable outfit, wishing you could just take it off. Awkwardness and insecurity can stem from wearing something uncomfortable to your session, and that can affect how your final images turn out. So definitely choose something you feel comfortable and confident in when making decisions for your session. Comfy clothes will let you allow dancing and running around! I want your session to feel natural and fun.

Fit your style to your location - Always keep your session location in mind when choosing your outfit. If your session is happening in a city setting, dress up a bit with a pair of cute heels and a fancier dress than you’d normally wear to match the bustling vibe of the city. If you’ve selected a more natural environment, choose something a bit more casual such as a maxi dress and opt for casual footwear like flat shoes. Most natural areas have uneven grounds which is not friendly for high heels.

Skip logos and words as they draw the eye when you see your photos. When picking patterns, choose smaller ones that won’t pull attention away from the main subjects, and only put one person in a pattern. When thinking about texture, choose different ones that will give photos some interest such as lace, corduroy, denim, and knits.

Choosing what to wear for your session doesn't have to be stressful. With these tips in mind and your photographer's help, making a decision on your session should be just another fun portion of your overall experience! Think simple. You want to stand out from the background so most likely strive for colours and styles that are going to complement your location.

3. Forget the "Photo shoot" part

You're not there for me. I'm there for you, to document your moment. The objective isn't just to take pretty pictures. It's to capture an exciting stage in your life while spending time together. It's very likely that the last time you got your picture taken "professionally" was for an awkward high school photo. I promise you, it will be nothing like that. So forget the photos, and focus on enjoying the session!

4. Pick an environment that reflects you

It's definitely not just about the location, but it's about how you fit into it. The setting, location, and weather will affect your mood, and the mood of the photos, drastically. So I want to make sure you're surrounded by what you love. Whether that's your own home or a foggy mountain top, all that matters is you feeling comfortable with where you are.

5. Leave the extra stuff

Leave the big bags, and don't worry about the extra stuff you might need. I want you to be light on your feet and easily mobile because I will shoot all those little in-between moments. Extra props or bags tend to make spontaneous shooting more difficult, so minimalism is the way to go!

Final thoughts

I believe that there's no such thing as an unphotogenic person. Portrait photography is the art of discovering a person, observing and finding those features that make them so unique and special. Every person is different. I promise you I won't try to fit you into a mould and force poses on you, and I'll adapt my direction to fit your personality. If you keep these tips in mind, we'll be able to make great art together.